How you can beat addiction

Addiction. It comes in many different disguises and can hold anyone hostage. Smoking, gambling, drugs. Some people call them their vices. But in reality, it’s an addiction they’re struggling with behind closed doors.

And perhaps you have an addiction? Something that you haven’t faced or owned up to?

Well here, we’ve put together a few tips to get you on the right track towards beating it for good.

Team up

Beating addiction can feel like an uphill battle. The end goal can seem so far away that you start to question whether you can do it. Do you have the will power? And if you try and beat it alone, there’s every chance you’ll fail. It’s difficult fighting something so strong on your lonesome.

So team up. Find a group within your local area who get together to discuss addiction. Contact a therapist. Ask for help from family. Do all three! The more people you have helping, the more chance there is that you’ll beat it.


Regular exercise is a great combatant to addiction. When you get in from work, rather than pick up that packet of cigs put your running shoes on. Head out for a 15 minute jog to take your mind off the bad thing you want to do.

Exercise can help you de-stress and keep fit too. And soon enough, exercise will be your healthy addiction!

Know your weak spots

With addiction, there’s always one place, or one time of the day that you’re most likely to cave. For cigarette smokers, it could be after a big meal. Gamblers, it could be the walk to work. Understanding these weak spots is vital.

You need to counter them. So after the big meal, find something else to keep your mind occupied. Walk a different way. Remove the opportunity to cave in!

Take it one step at a time

Like I said. Quitting is daunting. It’s a huge task and you might not feel like you’ll ever reach the end. Thinking of it like this won’t end well.

Take every week as it comes. If you falter and have a cigarette, don’t just resign to having a whole pack. Get back up, brush yourself off and try harder.

Here at Hypnotherapy Success we can help you quit your addiction through hypnosis. If you’d like to find out more feel free to get in touch.

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