Quitting smoking with hypnosis

How to quit smoking with hypnosis?

It’s now a well-known fact that smoking causes a variety of ugly health problems and is a common cause of premature death. However the addictive substances in cigarettes mean that some people still find it extremely difficult to quit. Hypnosis is a safe and healthy way of quitting smoking and as more and more people feel the benefits of using hypnosis to quit smoking the therapy is quickly gaining in popularity. But how exactly does hypnosis to quit smoking work?

For a smoker breaking the habit and the addiction can take a lot of time and dedication. For many people going cold turkey is just too difficult, they need further help and support to tackle the addiction. Hypnotherapy recognises that being addicted to cigarettes is both a mental and a physical addiction. Hypnosis treats you by changing your thought patterns so that you no longer want to smoke or feel the need to smoke.

Hypnotherapy works by putting your mind into a trance-like state where you feel a deep sense of relaxation. It is whilst your mind is in this relaxed state that your hypnotherapist is able to put information, statements and ideas into your mind on an unconscious level in order to change your thought patterns.

During hypnotherapy to quit smoking for harmful thoughts are replaced by positive and healthy ones. Hypnosis can change the way that you think so that you begin to think like a non-smoker, stop craving cigarettes and become free from your addiction.

Hypnosis works because whilst your mind is in the trance-like state it becomes more persuadable and open, allowing the statements and information that your hypnotherapist gives to you to enter your mind. Replacing harmful, negative thoughts with positive ones means that you are able to change your attitude towards smoking in order to break the habit, it also removes the unpleasant side-effects that are often associated with quitting smoking.

Improve your quality of life and your health today by getting in touch and taking the first step towards quitting smoking smoking by booking in for a session of hypnotherapy with Nele Lippur.

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