Reiki healing

Reiki is a gentle, effective and non-invasive form of healing. Reiki essentially means “universal life force energy” and this is what a person who has been initiated into the Usui System channels into themselves and others when they put their hands on them.

Healing (energy healing) is the process in which a healer acts as a channel or conduit for the beneficial energy. Using┬áthe energy which our bodies use to self-heal and rejuvenate. By working with the body’s bio-energetic field (aura) and energy centres (chakras) the healer boosts the body’s natural healing processes – much like charging a flat battery. Healing clears blockages in the energy field and brings it into balance so that it can function harmoniously once more.

Healing benefits a wide range of mental, emotional and physical conditions and is complementary to all other therapies. Healing is completely safe and natural; it can never do any harm and has no negative side effects. Patients who have healing feel relaxed and rejuvenated and more able to cope with the stresses and strains of life or recovery.

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