Our top 5 tips to beating exam stress

You have exams coming up. Everyone has told you how important it is that you do well in all of them. But you feel underprepared. You don’t know enough. It’s all getting too much!

Exam related stress can ruin your chances before you’ve even sat at the desk. So what steps can you take to keep the stress to a minimum?

Let’s find out…

Make a plan – If you have a lot of exams on the horizon then you need to have a revision plan in place. Otherwise you’ll start to stress out about which subject you should worry about first. So pick out the subject you’re weakest at. You’ll want to give more time to revising them.

Schedule a time each day that you’ll sit down and revise. And each day work on a different subject. Give yourself breaks in-between and don’t leave everything to the last minute.

This plan should be put into place months before the exams even begin.

Look at past exams – You know what will really send your stress levels through the roof? The unknown. So equip yourself with as much knowledge about the exams that have come before yours. No, you aren’t going to be given the same questions. But when the exams come around, you’ll be used to seeing the papers. And recognition does a lot to reduce stress.

Eat well – Worry and stress can kill appetite in no time. And a study has shown that if you’re chowing down on fizzy sweets and drinks it can lower your memory and attention span. Two things you’ll need for revision.

So make sure that you eat correctly. Have a hearty breakfast that’s full of protein!

Try hypnotherapy – So you have a revision plan, you’re eating well and you’ve done hundreds of past papers. But you’re still stressed.

Well worry is a natural thing. Especially when it comes to something as important as exams.

But if it’s getting the better of you why not try hypnotherapy? At Hypnotherapy Success we offer specific treatments to help you beat those exam nerves and focus on the things you need to.

To find out more, get in touch today.

Remain positive – Okay, it sounds a little obvious, but there are so many students around the country giving up hope. You fail a past paper, struggle to understand a certain aspect of the subject, you can’t motivate yourself to revise.

Whatever the issue is, don’t let it get you down. You must remain positive.

Because you are going to do well.

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